domingo, 3 de diciembre de 2017


It is known that cafés are the favourite places to meet friends as we can see in a lot of iconic series like “Friends”, “13 reasons why” and “How I met your mother”, but the reasons for going to a cafe have changed over the years, like for example a few years ago when not everybody had internet or cybercafés appeared and they pull in a lot of people.

However, nowdays everybody has ineternet as it is a necessity for almost everything, for this reason most cybercafes are closed. In spite of this fact, more and more cafés provide you with free-wifi, which attracts a great amount of custumers.

It is believed that cafés are quiet places where you can rest and chill out after a long day, but the reality is that most of the time you can’t as they are crowded. I reckon that sometimes the price of beverages in coffe shops is to expensive, specially in big companies as Starbucks where a coffe costs at leats 4 euros.

To conclude, I would add that free-wifi is more and more common in places such as buses, which is very good if you are in foreign country and you need to send a message to your relatives and friends.

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