viernes, 20 de octubre de 2017


Music is very powerful since it plays a great role in everyone's life. I reckon a song can inspire someone to do amazing things as it can make feel someone as if he was in a cloud 9.

Music in my life plays an important role because, for example, it helps me to chill out when I am on my nerves or when I am exhausted it makes me feel energetic. However, I can't stand listening to music when I am studying or doing my homework.

Nowadays, I am really into pop music and my favourite singer is "The Weeknd" and my favourite band is "Maroon 5". but I like all kinds of music such as hard rock since everytime I listen to a song by AC/DC the first that comes to my mind is when I was a child and my father used to listen to it.

Thus, as I said before, music is very important for everybody, and no one should be judged for the kind of music he listens to, as I am fed up with people that say that if you listen to reggaeton songs you are silly and idiot.

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