martes, 29 de diciembre de 2015


Do some smells remind you of your childhood? What associations do they have?

The smell of plastiline reminds me of when I was at primary school with my friends. I used to like playing with it. I have always like the smell of wet soil after it rains. Because I used to go walking with my mother. I also love the smell of cotton candy because it reminds me of when I used to go with my parents to the fairs.

What about sounds? Do some sounds or songs have strong associations for you-positive or negative?

Yes, certain songs bring back memories. For example, the theme song from The Simpsons reminds me a lot of when I went to my grandsparents' house with all my family because my cousins and I always watched it! Also, a song by Pitbull makes me think in the summer of 2013. That was a relly good summer.


I live in a small town in the south of Spain. 50 years ago the town was very diferrent.

It was much smaller and most hauses were very old. Now there are some blocks of flats. There were some small shops. Now there is a clothes shop. There used to be two churches. And there ere more fields than now.

Very few people used to travel by car. When they wanted to go to any place they walked. There wasn't a bus and the streets were from ground. Now people have a car and they can go by bus, too.

My grandparents have always lived in this town. They told me that 50 years ago there were a lot of bars, and two schools, one for girls and other for boys. Now there are only two bars, a gym, a swimming pool and a mixed school.

In conclusion life was quiet then, but in my opinion it is better now.

lunes, 28 de diciembre de 2015


I am going to write about my image. I don't think I am particulary trendy. I usually wear jeans, sweatshirts and sneakers. I hardly ever wear skirts or dresses. However, I like wearing smart clothes on special ocaassions. I almost always wear a little make-up.

What things do I love? I really like taking photos when I go to a nice place or when I am with my friends. I also love watching action films. My favorite action films are "The Hunger Games" but I am sad because on November 27 it was the last film. The third thing I love is travelling with my family or with my friends.

There are also things that I hate. I don't like when people argue. The second thing I hate are Mondays. The third thing I hate are horror films, because when I watch any horror film I can't sleep at night.


My best friend has short and black hair. She has green eyes. She has pale skin and a few freckles. She has a small nose and normal lips. She is 1,60m tall and she is thin. About me, I have long brown hair. My nose is a little big and my lips,too. I am 1,60m tall. I am neither thin nor fat.

María is sensitive, funny, intelligent. She worries about her exams and future, but she still doesn´t know what she wants to study. We have similar personalities. I am sensitive, quiet and I worry about my exams and future.

In conclusion, we are friends because we are very similar in our personalities. We never argue and I always laugh when I am with her.