martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Why not Nigeria for our summer holidays?

To be honest Nigeria has never been on my mind, for this reason it has been interesting to search information and discover unknown and amazing facts of this wonderful country.

Tourism is a growing industry in Africa, but is Nigeria a safe place to travel to? It is said that travelling around west Africa is an unpredictable business, and there are a lot of stories about travellers that make you think that Nigeria is not that worthy.

Nigeria has a lot of spectacular things to offer to the tourist, but Nike Art Centre, which is an art gallery of African artwork and culture, is a must for every traveler. If you are more into nature you should definitely visit Lekki Conservation Centre, Agodi Gardens and Jabi Lake.

To conclude, I would like to say that Nigeria is a truly unique country!. Something that is very highlight in this country is its food, its most famous dishes are: Jollof rice, Garri and Pounded yam.

sábado, 10 de febrero de 2018

Whining weaker men when ill, a fake?

It is open secret that since the beginning of times women have been viewed as the weaker sex, but is this true or false? Who are stronger, men or women?. From my point of view, the strengh of someone does not depend on their sex.

Nowadays, a lot of scientists think that women are stronger than men when it comes to illnesses, for example, Steven Austad, who is an international expert on ageing, and chairman of the Biology Department at the University of Alabama, says that “Pretty much at every age, women seem to survive better than men.”

He is among a small cadre of researchers who believe that women may hold the key to prolonging life, since there is a great amount of proofs that support this statement, for example, according to Gerontology Research Group, today, 43 people around the world are known to be living past the age of 110. Of these people, 42 are women.

To conclude, I would like to add the we should try to create a society where females and males have the same rights and they are treated the same, without any discrimination against any gender.

domingo, 4 de febrero de 2018

Stop boozing for a while!!!

Boozing? What does it mean ? It means drinking alcohol, especially in large quantities. What is the difference with “drinking”? As nouns the difference between drinking and boonzing is that drinking is an act or session by which drink is consumed, especially alcoholic beverages while boozing is the act of drinking heavily.

It is an open secret that at the begenning of a new year a lot of peple decide to do their best that year. Owing to this fact, it very common to see on social media how they make a list of resolutions for the year that it is coming.

A great amount of these resolutions are related to healthy life style, for example: taking up yoga classes, going to the gym or stopping boozing. Why should people stop boozing in January? I reckon that they should do it in order to make their body recover from all the Christmas excesses.

To conclude, I would like to add that I believe that there is nothing wrong with drinking occasionally, but it can turn out to be a serious issue if someone does it everyday, especially if it is excessively.

In case you get your laptop, tablet, mobile phone... stolen or lost!!

Nowadays, I reckon that one of the great fears of people is losing their laptosps, tablets, mobile phones... In fact, this is very common everyday, for example, according to a research, a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds.

What would I do if I lost or someone stole my mobile phone?, I believe that at the beginning I would feel vulnerable and stupid, but after this I think that I would go where I have been before I noticed that I didn’t have it.

It is an open secret that a lot of companies have seen this serious issue and they have taken advantage of it, for this reason, you can find a great amount of apps to find our lost or stolen mobile. Apple users have 'Find my Iphone', but there is also a 'Find my Android.

To conclude, I would like to add that from my point of view, we should pay more attention to them, since we not only lose an expensive object, we also lose pictures of memorable moments with our relatives or friends, or important e-mails.

miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018


It an open secret that through the history there have been a lot of rivalries between actors, footballers, singers… but there are some that have been so important and famous, for example: the rivalry between John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, which is nowadays known by everybody.

It is possible that if you are not into tennis, you don’t know who they are, although they are legends of this sport. Jimmy Connors is considered an American tennis star, who ended his career with a men's open–era record 109 singles titles and 1,337 victories, along with eight Grand Slam singles titles.

However, John McEnroe is not far behind, he is one of most successful tennis players of all times, who is also known for his violent verbal abuse at ballboys, chair umpires, photographers and other people. In spite of this, he won 17 Grand Slam titles, 77 career singles titles and 77 doubles titles..

To conclude, I would like to say that in total they played nine times in Grand Slams and it would have been a pleasure to see these two legends in a duel, since they were the best players of their time and also due to their powerful personalities, which created a unique atmosphere.


domingo, 7 de enero de 2018


Nowadays, we are used to hearing a large range of news, but most of them are about recession, corruption cases, people who have lost their house due to natural disasters, such as: earthquake, heavy rains...For this reason, I believe that this kind of news makes our day happier.

David Aguilar, who is only 18, is a handicapped one-armed young boy from Andorra who made himself a robot extension arm out of Lego blocks, which is so strong that he can use it to pick up and down objects as he showed in a video that he uploaded on Youtube.

It is an open secret that technology and science get better and better everyday, due to this the quality of prosthesis is not the same as before. However, not all that glitters is gold, since the price of these prosthesis is not affordable for a big number of families.

To conclude, I would like to say that I reckon that the way that this boy has faced his problems is a source of inspiration for everybody. There are a lof of incredible inventions created by teenagers, for example: Jack Andraka, who was 15, invented a machine that can detect cancer in five minutes.

sábado, 6 de enero de 2018


What is the genuine meaning of Christmas? I believe that Christmas, although it is celebrated in different ways depending on the culture and the country, has the same meaning for everybody, which for me is: being with family, sharing and making people happy.

It is known that people spend a huge amount of money in this holiday buying too many expensive gifts, I reckon that the reason for this is because they try to make an impression on their friends and relatives.

However, it is an open secret that not everybody can’t afford to purchase luxury gifts, due to this reason more and more people buy affordable things, although sometimes they can have a low-quality, or they try to make something by themselves, for example: cups decorated by themselves.

To conclude, I would like to say that, from my point of view, the true meaning of Christmas has been lost over the years, since nowadays children only think about presents and not about sharing and having quality time with family.