martes, 10 de octubre de 2017


The death has always been a taboo subject as it is one the worst fear of humans. Many people say that this is the reason for the existence of religions and funerals since they make us believe that there is something beyond death, which makes us feel less scared about it.

A funeral is a ceremony celebrated when someone dies. There are different ways of celebrating it. That depends on the country, culture and society in which someone lives. Funerals are also thought to help people acknowledge that someone they love has died and allow them to say goodbye.

As I said before, not all funerals are celebrated the same way around the world. For example some people in Madagascar have a famous ritual called “famadihana”. Once every five or seven years, a family has a celebration at its ancestral crypt where the bodies, wrapped in cloth, are exhumed and sprayed with wine or perfume. While a band plays, family members dance with the bodies. For them it’s a chance to pass family news to the deceased and ask for their blessings.

To conclude, I would add that I am still too young to think about my burial, but I like the way that funerals are celebrated in Ireland because maybe it is better for your loved ones, on the other hand I would not like that my friends and relatives gave a party after my death.

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