miércoles, 17 de enero de 2018


It an open secret that through the history there have been a lot of rivalries between actors, footballers, singers… but there are some that have been so important and famous, for example: the rivalry between John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, which is nowadays known by everybody.

It is possible that if you are not into tennis, you don’t know who they are, although they are legends of this sport. Jimmy Connors is considered an American tennis star, who ended his career with a men's open–era record 109 singles titles and 1,337 victories, along with eight Grand Slam singles titles.

However, John McEnroe is not far behind, he is one of most successful tennis players of all times, who is also known for his violent verbal abuse at ballboys, chair umpires, photographers and other people. In spite of this, he won 17 Grand Slam titles, 77 career singles titles and 77 doubles titles..

To conclude, I would like to say that in total they played nine times in Grand Slams and it would have been a pleasure to see these two legends in a duel, since they were the best players of their time and also due to their powerful personalities, which created a unique atmosphere.


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