sábado, 6 de enero de 2018


What is an avatar? There are a lot of ways to define it, but I reckon that the most correct definition is the one given by Cambridge Dictionary, which is: an image that represents you in online games, chat rooms, etc, and that you can move around the screen.

It is known that almost everybody has used an avatar on any social media as a profile picture, for example: on Instagram or even on WhatsApp. An avatar can be almost exactly as you, since you can choose between a large range of face shapes, eyes, noses, skin tone.... However, depending on the quality of the app it will be more alike or not.

Did you know that our online avatars can reveal a lot about us? or even how often we change our photo says a lot about our personality? A lot of studies have found that people who are very outgoing change their profile picture less often than more introverted people.

To conclude, I would like to say that from my point of view avatars are useful when you don’t want to share a photo of yourself on any social media as gmail or personal blogs. Personally, I think that there are great apps for creating avatars, such as: My Idol 3d Avatar Creator and Bitmoji. 

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