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 Resultado de imagen de FOTOS CONTRA LA LUCHA DE GENERO

I have always wondered why we celebrate “The day against gender violence” on November 25? The reason why we celebrete this day on November 25 is because on this date in 1960 in Latin America three sisters were murdered by order of the dictator Rafael Leónidas Trujillo because they were against his dictatorship. Since 1981 Latin America has celebrated this day in their honor and Europe since 1999.

Since ever women have always had to fight for their rights, because they were considered inferior to men. They were not allowed to be educated, to get a job and other things that would be allowed for a man. During years we have moved towards a more egalitarian society, because for example before Christ the society thought that women were a natural defect.

There a lot of women who have fought for their rights like Concepción Arenal, who was born in 1820 in La Coruña, she studied law at the Central University of Madrid when it wasn’t allowed for women to study yet. It was with her when feminism was born in Spain. Another example is Clara Campomar, who was born in Madrid in 1888 and is one of the great figures of the struggle for the equal rights of women. She created the Feminine Republican Union in Spain.

To sum up, we are in the 21st century and, from my point of view, gender violence or other violence should not exist. We should not be used to all theses pieces of news that appear on television such as “This week a man has killed his wife” or “He has beaten his girlfriend to death”.

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