sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016


Last year in my school there were three travels to choise. One was to Monaco, another to Galicia and Madrid, and the other one to Dublin. Finally I chose to go to Dublin, because in my opinion it was the best of the threee travels. If I had gone to France, I would have had to travel by bus an entire day and it is so uncomfortable. And I didn't choose to go to Galicia and Madrid because I preferred to leave Spain.

The travel to Dublin was amazing! I had a lot of fun! During the week we went to different places, where we could see fantastic things. We had to go to classes some days, too. Also we went to St. Paatrick's parade, where there were a lot of people who were from Dublin and different countries. The majority were dressed in green clothes. After that week we had to come back to Spain.

We arrived at the airport and when we were checking in the luggage a woman told us that our flight had been cancelled. I remember that everybody was like "What ?" "What are we going to do?" and a few persons were crying.

We had to spend an other two days in Dublin in a hotel. But for me it was the best part of the trip. After that we come back to Spain.

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