lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2016


Bob Dylan, whose real name is Robert Allen Zimmerman, was born in United States on 24th May 1941. He is a musician, singer and songwriter, who was really influential in the twentieth and twenty-first century. His songs have a variety of social, political, philosophical and literary themes. He is 75 years old now and lives in Malibu.

Some of his most famous songs are “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” and “Lay Lady Lay”. During his career, which started in 1959, he has won a lot of awards. Some of his awards are Prince of Asturias Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards and Grammy Hall of Fame.

But the most famous award is the Nobel Prize for Literature this year, which has caused different opinions: the first is that he doesn’t deserve the award because there are a lot of better writers and poets before him, and they only give him the award for publicity; and the second is that he deserves the award for the amazing lyrics of his songs, but sadly for the people who think that he deserves it the director of the Nobel Foundation has stated that he had already arranged some appointments.

From my point of view, only poets and writers should win this award, not songwriters although they have written amazing lyrics.

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