domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016


First, I think that summer is the time that you have to do your hobbies, for example : you can hang out with your friends, read books, do exercise, travel, meet new people , go to the beach… So I think that you can’t waste your time with a game.

In summer, there was a new game called Pokémon Go and it was very popular. Everyone was obsessed with it, I always saw people playing with that game next to a “PokeParada” or next to a “GimnasioPokemon”. I think that it is a great game, because when you are bored you can go out and play and your are doing exercise, too. For example there was a youtuber that lost 3 kg in a week. That's one of the advantages, other advantages are: you can play with your friends, family..., make tourism in and out of the city.... One of the coolest things in the game is that according to the site you are you can find different pokemons.

On the contrary, there are also disadvantages, because some people do dangerous things to capture a Pokémon, drive while they are playing, people walk in the street distracted ...

Nowadays, the game is nos as amazing as before. Almost everyone no longer plays with it and finds it boring, although there are still people obsessed with it.

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