domingo, 2 de octubre de 2016


Hello Elena!

How are you? I hope you are well.

This summer I have done a lot of things. Everyday I was with my friends in the beach or in the swimming pool. We used to go shopping once a week, but we hardly ever bought anything.

 I went to the Warner Bros Theme Park in Madrid with my dad and some friends. I had so much fun there. All the rides were amazing! My favourite rides were "Stunt Fall" and "La Fuga", which are roller coasters.

I have had time to do my hobbies like reading books. I love reading books in my free time, because I just think if you read a lot of books you are more interesting and you always have a topic of conversation.

Another hobby I have is listening to music, but that is something that I always do, This summer I wanted to go to Rihanna's concert in Barcelona, but ut was very expensive. I discovered a group of music called "Twenty one pilots" and they have amazing songs. My favourite songs are: Ride, Stressed out and Cancer.



PS: What did you do last summer? What are yout hobbies?

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