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Today I am going to write about “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”. The story is about a boy called Tom, who is known for his bad behaviour, and is always looking for more exciting ways to spend his time. In their search for adventure, Tom and his friend Huckleberry Finn run away to live on an island as pirates, look for a buried treasure and track down some real robbers. 

Despite the fact that it looks like as a novel for children, actually it is also appealing for adults who looks back on their own childhood with fond reminiscences. In fact, in his preface to the first edition, Twain wrote, "Although my book is intended mainly for the entertainment of boys and girls part of my plan has been to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves, and what they felt and thought."

What about the author? Everyone knows him by the name of Mark Twain, but actually his real name was Samuel Longhorne Clemens. He was born in Florida, Missouri, on 30th November, 1835. Although his family was not wealthy, Twain apparently had a happy and secure childhood. It is known that during four years Twain piloted riverboats along the Mississippi. During this time, he became familiar with the towns along the mighty River and met the characters who would be in his future novels, especially Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn. The begining of his literary career started in 1865 with the launched of "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County".

From my point of view, there is a large number of character and most of them are unimportant, but all of them bring something different due to their respective personalities and characteristics, for example: aunt Polly shows what is unconditional love. However, if I had to choose one of them I would choose Tom Sawyer, since he is adventurous and kind as he never made fun of Huck for being poor like the other children, and Huckleberry Finn, because he reckons that money is not neccesary in order to be happy.

To conclude, I would like to add that Twain is not only known for “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer”, he also has a huge amount of novels that have been succesful and celebrated around the world, such as: “The Prince and the Pauper”. One interesting fact about Mark Twain is that he was born in 1835 during the appearance of Haley's Comet, and he died during the next appearance of Haley's Comet, 75 years later.

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