martes, 13 de febrero de 2018

Why not Nigeria for our summer holidays?

To be honest Nigeria has never been on my mind, for this reason it has been interesting to search information and discover unknown and amazing facts of this wonderful country.

Tourism is a growing industry in Africa, but is Nigeria a safe place to travel to? It is said that travelling around west Africa is an unpredictable business, and there are a lot of stories about travellers that make you think that Nigeria is not that worthy.

Nigeria has a lot of spectacular things to offer to the tourist, but Nike Art Centre, which is an art gallery of African artwork and culture, is a must for every traveler. If you are more into nature you should definitely visit Lekki Conservation Centre, Agodi Gardens and Jabi Lake.

To conclude, I would like to say that Nigeria is a truly unique country!. Something that is very highlight in this country is its food, its most famous dishes are: Jollof rice, Garri and Pounded yam.

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